From the ‘Write and Recite (WAR)’ series

at the Westmoreland Bar (later Cassidys)

Westmoreland Street, Dublin.


September 2006

Raven 01

Raven 02

Raven – The Midway

Quincy R. Lehr – The Holiday Season

Eamon Lynskey – In the Museum of Occupation

Eamon Lynskey – Mastermind

Eamon Lynskey – Elegy for the Philadelphia Wireman

Eamon Lynskey – One Last Request

Eamon Lynskey – His Despairing Friends

Nicholas (Birch) Freeman – 01

Nicholas (Birch) Freeman – 02

Jojo – Does God Exist?

Jojo – African Green Queen

Dave – Chaoineadh an Píobaire (The Piper’s Lament)

February 2007

Nicholas (Birch) Freeman – Untitled

Nicholas (Birch) Freeman – A little game called Poker

Emelda – The Feral Cat

Emelda – Overtraining

Jen – The Horror

Jen – Lady Grace

Phil – Gangigum

Phil – Good to be Home