2nd All Ireland Live Poetry Championships

held in the Whitehouse, Limerick

Winner: Dónal Ó Siodhacháin (Munster)

12 November 2008

Munster poet Dónal Ó Siodhacháin took the title back from Connaught this year at the second All-Ireland Poetry Slam Championships, moving from Ulster in its inaugural year to Limerick’s legendary Whitehouse. Regular compere Barney Shehan passed the reins over to eMCee and guest poet Steve Murray for this high-paced event which proved its worth a hundredfold with excellent performances from all around the island.

The first All-Ireland Slam was in McHugh’s in Belfast last year, a fantastic event where Brendan Murphy from Galway took the crown. Next year it will be held in either Leinster or Connaught. Congratulations to champ Dónal Ó Siodhacháin, to Stephen Smith who took second place, Dave Lordan who took third, as well as to Dominic Taylor and Desmond Swords for making it all possible.

Videos of the Evening

Round 1

PJ Brady (Ulster)

Tara’s Well

Cliff Horseman (Ulster)

Time and Tome

Dave Lordan (Leinster)

A Prayer for the Monsignor

Miceál Kearney (Connaught)


Michael Creagh (Connaught)

Equine Underwear

John Carmody (Munster)

Nigel the Bankrobbing Hamster

Dónal Ó Siodhacháin (Munster)

Commerce clinks the Till

Round 2

Dave Lordan (Leinster)

Death or 20p

Dónal Ó Siodhacháin (Munster)


Steve Murray announces the Winner

Poetry from Steve Murray

Galway Last Night. 2.45am. Sunday. Dominick Street

The Hare

The Legend of Connemara

The Coven of the Scarecrow


Little Miss Infinity who Lives at No. 9

Iceland Down