6th All Ireland Poetry Slam Championships


Winner: Seán Dennehy (Leinster)

30 November 2012

The sixth All-Ireland Poetry Slam Champion is Leinster poet Seán Dennehy. Congratulations! Second place went to Fergus Costello (Munster) and in third place was Peter Francis Fahy (Ulster). Thank you to all the organisers, to the judges Matthew Sweeney, Afric McGlinchey, Madeleine D’Arcy, Padraig Trehy and Conal Creedon. And to all who helped secure the prize monies, including generous donations from the Munster Literature Centre, Kevin Swords, Jessie Lendennie and Mary O’Connell.

A fantastic night of poetry, with 150 enthusiasts in the house, three nail-biting rounds of slam ending in a photo-finish between Fergus Costello’s 118 points (out of a possible 150) to Seán Dennehy’s 119. And all this followed by an excellent reading from Billy Ramsell and a vibrant open-mic run by Rab Urquhart. The videos follow beneath.

A special thanks to Stephen O’Riordan for all the excellent filming, and photos from the night which you can see on our facebook page here.

Seán Dennehy crowned as the 2012 Champion

2012 Competitors:

Connacht – Lisa Allen & Miceál Kearney
Leinster – John Cummins & Seán Dennehy
Ulster – Mel Bradley & Peter Francis Fahy
Munster – Cathal Holden & Fergus Costello

Previous All-Ireland Slam Champions:

2007: Ulster: McHugh’s pub Belfast – Brendan Murphy (Connacht)
2008: Munster: White House pub Limerick – Dónal Ó Siodhacháin (Munster)
2009: Connacht: Crane bar Galway – Seamus Fox (Ulster)
2010: Leinster: International bar Dublin – Colm Keegan (Leinster)
2011: Ulster: Sandino’s bar Derry – Séamus Barra Ó Súilleabháin (Connacht)


Videos of the Evening

Round 1

Cathal Holden (Munster)

Punk Poetry

Mel Bradley (Ulster)

Thursday Night Pain

Lisa Allen (Connacht)

The Writer

Peter Francis Fahy (Ulster)


Miceál Kearney (Connacht)

Multi-Cultural Ethnic Diversity and all that other Stuff

John Cummins (Leinster)


Fergus Costello (Munster)

Extracts From A Letter To The Fella That Used To Be Married To My Sister

Seán Dennehy (Leinster)

No Poetry

Round 2

Seán Dennehy (Leinster)

i am a man now

John Cummins (Leinster)

electric picnic

Peter Francis Fahy (Ulster)


Fergus Costello (Munster)

The Comeback King

Final Round

Fergus Costello (Munster)

The Session

Seán Dennehy (Leinster)

All I can



3rd, 2nd and 1st place winners

Billy Ramsell

Billy Ramsell

Tomorrow, she whispered

Billy Ramsell


Billy Ramsell

Lament for Esbjörn Svensson

Open-Mic hosted by Rab Urquhart


on the Jaw Harp

Julie Field

Jesus, Mary and Joe Duffy

India Barthomolue

Through my Eyes

Grant March

Who are you?

Bubba Shakespeare

Hip Hop is Class

Rosalin Blue

Ultra Modernity

Michael O’Callahan

Five Word poem – symbols, like, disturbance, toilet, crazy

Ciarán MacArtain

The Clear

Mikka and Rab Urquhart

Sting in the Tale

Mel Bradley

She dabbles in Pink

Niall Herriott

The Fall and the Rise and the Fall of Murphius

Seamus Harrington

The Hunters

Colm Scully

The Origin of Superlatives

Peter Francis Fahy

Council Housing

Peter Francis Fahy

A legend for Nicola


on the Jaw Harp part 2

Conor McManus

I found God

Dan plus Emmett