Ó Bhéal’s first Erasmus+ intern, Anara Higuera, joined the team in April 2018 for a 2 1/2 month placement. In that time Anara completed a wide range of valuable administrative tasks, offering some much-appreciated relief to our summer programme, whilst learning some valuable new skills of her own, primarily wordpress blog and image editing. Our warm thanks to Anara for all her help and enthusiasm, and to Madrid-based Erasmus+ agency IES Alonso de Avellaneda for contacting us to make it all possible. We look forward to working with them again in the future.

The following photo review was written and published by Anara.

Anara Higuera

(April-June 2018)

My first Monday taking part in the Five Word Challenge, and the guest was Brian Turner.

Here I am with my work partner, Paul Fitzgerald.

On this particular day, Paul Casey showcased his new book of poetry for the schools in Cork. The students wrote fantastic poems which I found to be very funny and thoroughly engaging.

Monday night during the Five Word Challenge we met Ita O’Donovan.

My first poem in the Five Word Challenge!

Monday night during the Five Word Challenge we met Rob Barratt.

I traveled around Ireland a lot, and during my first weekend I went to Kinsale which was lovely.

During my second visit, I visited Killarney.

I then travelled to Galway which I found to be a lovely city. I also visited the Cliffs of Moher.

Cork City Gaol


During my final trip I visited Dublin, the capital of Ireland.

My first poem in the Five Word Challenge.

My last night taking part in the five word challenge.

Here is a picture of the Fantastic Poet, Carlos Reyes.
He surprised me very much because he speaks very good spanish!

I have to say thank you to Paul Casey, because this experience was amazing!
Ó Bheal is a really great event where everyone is allowed to express themselves, and everyone is really nice and very happy.

My Civic Trust House workmates

by Anara Higuera Romera