Winter Warmer Videos 2019
(also on the Ó Bhéal Youtube channel)

22nd-24th November

One video from each guest poet at the 7th Winter Warmer festival (in order of appearance) followed by the closed-mic.


Short Documentary by Lovisa Cosgrave

Máire Ní Chéileachair

Aisling Gheal

Johnny McCarthy and Con O’Drisceoil

Bantry Bay and The Road to Góilín

Ciara Ní É

Roghnaigh Saol (Choose Life)

Philip Wilson

A few Spell Poems

Amanda Bell


Danielle McLaughlin



Dún Do Shuíl

Zsuzsa Emese Csobánka

The Heart of the Hurricane in Cork

Richard Hawtree

The Night I Spoke Irish in Surrey

Kimberly Reyes


Afric McGlinchey


Francis Jones

Forced March

Ciaran O’Driscoll


Louis Mulcahy

Stealing Presents

Aifric Mac Aodha

from Cailín Bréagach na mBráithre (The Brothers’ Little White-lie Girl)

Anne Frater

Tuagh / Axe

Jackie Wills


Liz Berry


Yolanda Castano

Listen and Repeat

Cormac Lally

Man Love

Michelle Delea


Dr Lekha Menon Margassery

7th Ó Bhéal Winter Warmer Festival

Nelly Azzopardi

7th Ó Bhéal Winter Warmer Festival

Pratibha Patil

7th Ó Bhéal Winter Warmer Festival

Michela Lagorio

7th Ó Bhéal Winter Warmer Festival

Rosalin Blue

The Moonshine Cat

Mummy Harmony

7th Ó Bhéal Winter Warmer Festival

Catherine Ronan

Penny Peugeot

Dan Johnson

Give the People What They Want

Simon Spichak

Ode to a Strange Portuguese Hostel Dweller

Margaret O’Regan

Guilt Trip (and a haiku)

Ruairi de Barra


Jamie Lawton


Philip Spillane

Moon Fruit

Charles Clarke

Why Not

Niamh Twomey

The Wooden Ladder