Winter Warmer Videos 2018
(also on the Ó Bhéal Youtube channel)

22nd-25th November

One video from each guest poet at the 6th Winter Warmer festival (in order of appearance) followed by the closed-mic.


Short Documentary by Lovisa Cosgrave

Anthology Launch

A Journey called Home – Six Contributors

Gerry Murphy


Sarah Byrne

Recipe for an Alp

John Mee

Postcards to a Human

Diarmuid Ó Dálaigh

Invocation to Ogma

Simon Ó Faoláin

Tigh NAMA, Corca Dhuibhne

Christopher Whyte

Miann (A Wish)

Pat Boran


Amy Key

How to be Sexy

Celia Parra

It Always Starts with a Tremor

Amarjit Chandan


Alice McCullough

Last night the Limelight saved my life

Lani O’Hanlon

A Copper Basin in Florence

Graham Allen

Inauguration Day

Grace Wells

a sequence (Pace, Winter Dusk, Tree-fell)

Conal Creedon

Plenty Fish in the Sea

Ailbhe Darcy


Alberto Masala (with Suzanna Cosgrave & Eileen Healy)

Taliban (an extract)

Iain Galbraith


Mara Bergman

East 13th Street (or, How I Met My Husband)

Kit Fan

A Chair from Buddha Mountain

Lucy English

Family Prayers

Bernadette McIntyre


Billy Ramsell

Half Time

Eugene O’Connell

Daddy Cool

Gerry Murphy

a Hurling Haiku

Colm Scully

The Match down the Park (a poem by Theo Dorgan)

George Harding

Music of Hurling

John Fitzgerald


Bernadette Gallagher

Goalkeepers (a poem by Bernard O’Donoghue)

open-mic poets

Jac Shortland

Nature and Nurture

Carmen Palomino
Cork in Reverse

Charles Clarke
Danny Brown

Ana Špehar

Brian Crotty
Count Dracula

Elisa Sabbadin
Quantity is the Quality of Abundance …

Eric Kavanagh
To Give

Cédric Bikond
The Pillage

Hailey Hughes
The Taxi Driver

Molly Twomey