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When: Mondays from 9.30pm (+ poetry-films from 8.30pm)

Where: The Long Valley, Winthrop St, Cork. [here’s a map]

What: Poetry Challenge, Films, Guest Poets & Open-Mic

Original poetry, storytelling and unplugged ceol

    Ó Bhéal – a poem by Anamaría Crowe Serrano

Guest / Open-Mic mp3s: What happened on Monday?

Wordshops: Creative Writing at Ó Bhéal and Beyond …

Interviews: with Ó Bhéal guests by Jennifer Matthews

Five Words Vol X: Submit Monday evening compositions

Five Words Poetry Competition**Open** Five Words Poetry Competition 2016-17 **Open**

For this week’s words and submission guidelines, click here.

Guest Poet Line-up for December 2016 and January 2017
Events are posted every two months. Click names for biographical details

Community Foundation for Ireland  The Seán Ó Ríordáin Project – 5th December
Ó Bhéal’s Year End Event with  Ian Duhig – 12th December

No events on December 19th, 26th or January 2nd.

Amy Barry and Ben Simmons – 9th January
Mike Garry – 16th January
Ann Leahy – 23rd January
Michael Coady – 30th January

Entrance is free. Full bar available.

The night begins with a selection of poetry-films, screened between 8.30-9.30pm. The Five Words poetry challenge starts at 9.30pm. Guest poets begin around 10.00pm, for between 30-45 minutes, after which follows the usual open-mic session. Be sure to come early to get good seats!

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Ian Duhig on Video

followed by the open-mic

12th December 2016

For those who missed the phenomenal end-of-year event with with Ian Duhig, we have all 11 of his poems on video plus 16 more from the open-mic, with huge thanks to Lovisa Cosgrave for the video and photos! What a night!

And a big thanks to all on the open-mic, Bernadette McCarthy, John Mee, John Nyhan, Mary O’Connell, Seamus Harrington, Ray Hanrahan, Jason Fisher, Patricia Walsh, Michal Weber, Charles Clarke, Pat Cotter, Mary Sutton, Rab Urquhart, Cédric Bikond, Michelle Delea, Janie Sparks, Patrick Loughnane, Teresa Honan and Ciarán MacArtain (with Michal).

All 27 videos are on our ‘End of Year 2016 with Ian Duhig’ YouTube playlist, right here.

(or via the Ó Bhéal Youtube channel).

March 2nd, 2016 at 3:50 pm
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Community Foundation for Ireland
grant awarded to Ó Bhéal

to host eight Commemorative Centenary Events throughout 2016, celebrating the poetry of 1916 through contemporary response

Ó Bhéal is thrilled to announce becoming the recipient of a generous, once-off, ‘Belonging ’16’ grant from The Community Foundation for Ireland, to host a series of eight events throughout the year, each dedicated to celebrating the centenary of The Rising, through poetry in Irish and English. The majority of these evenings will feature a number of poets who have developed work in response to 1916, celebrating poets and poetry from the time, and contemporary significance.

Poets will be mostly accompanied by one or more musicians and silent film from 1916. Additional verse written during the period will be read by local poets at each event. The schedule beneath will be updated on an ongoing basis. The Five Word Challenge is likely to be influenced by the prevailing themes and members of the public are encouraged and welcome to share related poems during the usual open-mic session.

11th JanuaryBreakfast with Padraig

28th March (Easter Monday) – Blood on the Rose / Fuil ar an Rós

23rd MayEastrogen Rising: A Rebel Cabaret

18th JulyOur Proclamation

22nd August1916 Women the World Over

10th OctoberThe Memory of the Present

7th NovemberRising to the Rising (bonus event)

25th NovemberWinter Warmer Festival poets reading centenary poems

5th DecemberMo Pheann Ag Rince: Tionscadal An Ríordánaigh (IMRAM)

This grant has also enabled Ó Bhéal to purchase its own digital video projector, so we’ll be able to return the temporary projector on loan, generously provided by the Cork Film Centre.

February 28th, 2016 at 10:14 pm
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3rd Five Words Poetry Competition Winner Announced

Our congratulations to John W. Sexton, winner of the 3rd Five Words competition, for his poem The Dancehall on the Summit of the Bloodiest Head of the Twenty Six Headed Giant. John will be the guest poet at Ó Bhéal’s 9th anniversary event on April 11th. Our congratulations also to all of the shortlisted entrants, and for highly commended entries from Beth Somerford and Janet Lees. Thanks to everyone who took part this year, and to judges Marie Coveney and Colm Scully for their careful and considered selection.


The Dancehall on the Summit of the Bloodiest Head of the Twenty Six Headed Giant by   John W. Sexton (Ireland) winner
Tuesday on a Fulcrum   by   Beth Somerford (England) highly commended
Commuter   by   Janet Lees (England) highly commended
The Night of the Nightjar   by   Mary Anne Smith (England)
Tribes   by   Pam Szadowski (England)
An awful hush   by   Jenny Pollak (Australia)
Chinese Zodiac:
Year of the Fire Monkey
by   Tamara Miles (U.S.A.)
An unread novella in a
charity shop
by   Janet Lees (England)
Igloo   by   Shirley Bell (England)
Ragwort   by   Derek Sellen (England)
A Coin in the Soft Machine   by   John W. Sexton (Ireland)
Sky, an Open Window   by   Tamara Miles (U.S.A.)

Judges: Marie Coveney and Colm Scully

These poems will appear in Five Words Vol IX, which will be launched at Ó Bhéal on Monday the 11th of April 2016, along with an award presentation and readings from available contributors. The 4th Five Words International Competition will commence at noon on Tuesday the 12th of April, 2016.

February 7th, 2016 at 3:52 pm
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Regular Poetry-Film screenings
at Ó Bhéal

– How can Poetry-Films widen the intersection shared by captive literature and film audiences?

(since 11th Jan 2016)

It’s perhaps too early yet to tell, but there’s a strong indication that punters have been arriving earlier since Ó Bhéal invited the poetry-film muse of audio-visual word dimensions into its weekly event: a high-quality, discretely mounted … (dervish whirl now) … DV projector and ceiling screen (the screen in the image appears quite large in reality). Which means, that beyond opening the programme to an array of previously inaccessible poetry-based multimedia works, and since Ó Bhéal’s first film-with-live-poetry event was held on January 11th (Breakfast with Padraig), we’re now confident that we’re suitably able to present poets who concentrate in the ekphrastic and/or concrete realms (we have confirmed readings with poets who excel in both of these genres for later in 2016).

Ó Bhéal’s by now buRSTing! archive of poetry films, steadily growing since 2010, includes over 300 poetry films ranging from thirty seconds to ten minutes in length, and these are being screened in random from 8.30pm, every Monday played on reduced volume as people arrive. They run for an hour, until the usual proceedings commence, at 9.30pm. A single poetry film is also highlighted on the night to start off the open-mic section, the final part of the event. These include all shortlisted films entered into the annual Ó Bhéal/IndieCork International Poetry-Film Competition.

Are there any enthusiasts, entities or fans out there we wonder, who would consider sponsoring the annual Ó Bhéal poetry-film award? We’re seeking to implement a single cash prize for the winner of Best International Poetry-Film, presented at the IndieCork awards ceremony to accompany the physical award. This will attract more entries and further validate Ireland’s first such accolade. The rapidly growing genre is gradually taking hold locally too, with more and more regional entries arriving to compete each year with the world’s leading innovators in the dance of film and word. One of the two 2015 competition judges: local filmmaker Padraig Trehy {Shem the Penman Sings Again (2015); Seamus Murphy: A Quiet Revolution (2014-)}, has been having his film students translate poems into poetry-films at the Crawford College of Art and Design. Poetry and Film? It’s a truly remarkable combination of forces. When it works, it is something to behold. With two multilayered art forms working their magic in rhythm, it does seem like anything’s possible.

January 31st, 2016 at 5:39 pm
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Philippe Beck on Video

followed by the open-mic

14th December 2015

For those who missed our end of year reading with Philippe Beck we have all 6 of his poems with English translations on video for you. Philippe gave a wonderful reading followed by a brilliant and large open-mic to end off the year. With thanks to Shane Vaughan for capturing the footage.

All the videos are here
(or view on the Ó Bhéal Youtube channel).

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Winter Warmer Videos 2015

20th-21st November


The 3rd Winter Warmer festival at Sample Studios was a great success, with a superb line-up of local and International poets from three continents. We have 33 videos for you to view, one from each guest poet’s reading/performance at the festival (in order of appearance), including poems from the closed-mic session.

All the videos are here
(or on the Ó Bhéal Youtube channel).

December 8th, 2015 at 2:47 pm
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Jazz-Poetry Night 2015

Guest Poet and Open-Mic videos
(also on the Ó Bhéal Youtube channel)

A class night of jazz-poetry with Afric McGlinchey and Michael Ray accompanied by The Blue Notes jazz trio, and followed by an excellent open-mic for our 8th jazz-poetry night. The videos (filmed by Shane Vaughan) of both the main set and the open-mic follow.
The videos are here

October 17th, 2015 at 7:00 pm
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3rd Ó Bhéal Poetry-Film Competition Winner Announced
12th October 2015

Congratulations to Cheryl Gross, whose superb film In the Circus of You is the winner this year’s poetry-film award at the IndieCork Festival of Independant Cinema & Music. Cheryl’s film was in competition with thirty shortlisted entries from 13 countries, which you can read about here. Our thanks go to all the filmmakers for submitting, and what a delight to view such a range of world talent and excellent variety of work. Thanks are also due to Zata Banks from PoetryFilm for her marvellous archival work and richly imaginative presentation of avante-garde poetry-film experimentations.

In The Circus Of You (6:07)

Poem: In the Circus of You by Nicelle Davis

Synopsis – a visceral spectacle of controlled excess; it dismantles the three rings we use to contain our most domestic horrors and shows us the way through vulnerability to release. Nicelle Davis’s poetry mythologizes pain, makes grief, anger, disgust, and fear bearable by transforming them into finely wrought poems. These poems are filled with sharp edges, dissections, illusions, and images of flight; both in their language and in the ways they occupy the page. They are perfectly matched by the animation and drawings of Cheryl Gross, who translates Davis’s poetry into an equally grotesque, equally eloquent visual language.

Director: Cheryl Gross (U.S.A.)

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Cheryl Gross is an illustrator and motion graphic artist living and working in the New York area. She is a professor at Pratt Institute and Bloomfield College.

I equate my work with creating and building an environment, transforming my inner thoughts into reality. Beginning with the physical process, I work in layers. I am involved in solving visual and verbal complexities such as design and narrative. My urban influence has indeed added an ‘edge’ to my work.” Many have compared Cheryl’s work to “Dr. Seuss on crack.


Judges Comments
“Too many poetry films apply great cinematography to bad poetry and sometimes great poetry is left down by less than fully committed visuals. Here is a poetry film where the aesthetic accomplishment and craftmanship of the cinematography and the poetry are equal. Gross’s animation remains faithful to Davis’s text while not compromising its own ambition. Gross has demonstrated great taste and discernment in investing her talent as a cinematographer in poems which demand your attention with captivating subject matter and their awareness of language as a musical medium.”

Patrick Cotter & Padraig Trehy

Submissions will open for the 4th Ó Bhéal Poetry-Film Competition from May 2016 at this link.

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2nd Five Words Poetry Competition Winner Announced

Our hearty congratulations go to Derek Sellen, winner of the second Five Words competition for his poem Survivor. Derek will be the guest poet at Ó Bhéal’s 8th anniversary event in April. Our best wishes go to all the shortlisted entrants, and for highly commended entries from Afric McGlinchey and Adannaya Igwe. Thanks to everyone who took part this year, and to judges Billy Ramsell and Jennifer Matthews for their excellent choices.


Survivor   by   Derek Sellen (England) winner
Sonnet in B Major   by   Afric McGlinchey (Ireland) highly commended
Home Cooking   by   Adannaya Igwe (UK) highly commended
Saved   by   Liz Smith (England)
Breakfast   by   Sheena Blackhall (Scotland)
At the Hair Clinic   by   Derek Sellen (England)
The Snooze Button   by   Margaret McCarthy (Ireland)
The Sectioning   by   Bernadette McCarthy (Ireland)
I Coin a Line   by   Mary Fahy (Ireland)
The Stereogram   by   Anthony Scott (England)
Black Mountain Rebel   by   Tess Sheridan Adams (Ireland)
False North   by   John W. Sexton (Ireland)

Judges: Billy Ramsell and Jennifer Matthews

These poems will appear in Five Words Vol VIII, to be launched at Ó Bhéal on Monday the 13th of April 2015, along with an award presentation and readings from available contributors. The 3rd Five Words International Competition will commence at noon on Tuesday the 14th of April, 2015.

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