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When: Mondays from 9.30pm (+ poetry-films from 8.30pm)

Where: The Long Valley, Winthrop St, Cork. [here’s a map]

What: Poetry Challenge, Films, Guest Poets & Open-Mic

Original poetry, storytelling and unplugged ceol

    Ó Bhéal – a poem by Anamaría Crowe Serrano

Guest / Open-Mic mp3s: What happened on Monday?

Wordshops: Creative Writing at Ó Bhéal and Beyond …

Interviews: with Ó Bhéal guests by Jennifer Matthews

Five Words Vol XI: Submit 5W poems penned at Ó Bhéal

Five Words Poetry Competition** Ópen ** Five Words Poetry Competition 2018-19 ** Ópen **

Click for this week’s words and submission guidelines >>>

Guest Poet Line-up for June and July 2018
Events are posted every two months. Click names for biographical details

in association with Cork Harbour Festival Daniel Wade – 4th June
Carlos Reyes – 11th June
Make a Connection: Heritage Council     Nithy Kasa & Ciara Ní É – 18th June
Greg Delanty – 25th June
Ali Whitelock, Nathanael O’Reilly & Anne Casey – 2nd July
Make a Connection: Heritage Council   Nyaradzo Masunda & Eva Bourke – 9th July
Leah Umansky – 16th July
David Starkey, Paul Willis & Chryss Yost – 23rd July
in association with Cork Pride festival Mary Dorcey – 30th July

Entrance is free. Full bar available.

The night begins with a selection of poetry-films, screened between 8.30-9.30pm. The Five Words poetry challenge starts at 9.30pm. Guest poets begin around 10.00pm, for between 30-45 minutes, after which follows the usual open-mic session. Be sure to come early to get good seats!

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    pc Said: @12:50 pm 

    Open-mic night – 14th May 2018

    A very warm thanks to Thomas Dillon Redshaw for a superb reading on Monday, to a delighted and comfortably full Hayloft. You can listen to Thomas’ reading here.

    Thanks also to Bernadette McCarthy for her good humour and fine touch as emcee, and to all on the open-mic, Benjamin Burns, Julie Aldridge, Janek Dubowski, Maria Gillen, Suzanna O’Mahoney, Cédrc Bikond, Mags Creedon, Ray Hanrahan, Patricia Walsh, Kieran Raftery, Mary O’Connell, Seán Crowley, Philip Spillane, Bernadette McCarthy and Ciarán MacArtain.

    Ciarán MacArtain won this week’s five word challenge. Nice one Ciarán!

    The open-mic mp3 is here.

    05/19/18; 12:50 pm
  2. 2
    pc Said: @1:15 pm 

    Open-mic night – 7th May 2018

    We’re very grateful to Seán Lysaght for coming down from Mayo to give a brilliant reading on Monday, to a somewhat Ed Sheeran-diminished, bank holiday audience. So much quieter than usual for a change with just over 20 in the house, but a superb five-word challenge, open-mic and reading by Seán. You can listen to Seán’s reading here.

    Thanks to Rab Urquhart for keeping the helm steady, and to all on the open-mic, Billy County House, Charles Clarke, Jac Shortland, Mary O’Connell, Philip Spillane, Patricia Walsh, Brian Crotty, Fergus Costello, Elisa, Kieran Raftery and Stanley Notte.

    Stan Notte won this week’s five word challenge. Well done Stan!

    The open-mic mp3 is here.

    05/12/18; 1:15 pm
  3. 3
    pc Said: @2:23 pm 

    Open-mic night – 30th April 2018

    Our very warm thanks to Cork-born Ita O’Donovan for venturing down from west Connemara on Monday. Ita gave a superb reading from her new collection, which you can listen to here.

    Thanks also to Philip Spillane for his steady hand at the helm, and to all on the open-mic, Ben Shields, Conor McManus, Robyn Rowland, Jac Shortland, Ray Hanrahan, Mary O’Connell, Patricia Walsh, Mags Creedon, Charles Clarke, Ciarán MacArtain and Rab Urquhart.

    Jac Shortland won this week’s five word challenge. Well done Jac!

    The open-mic mp3 is here.

    05/7/18; 2:23 pm
  4. 4
    pc Said: @1:50 pm 

    Open-mic night – 23rd April 2018

    A powerful reading by Anamaría Crowe Serrano on Monday had the audience hanging onto every word. Our warm thanks to Anamaría for coming down from Dubland to share her brilliant work. You can listen to Anamaría’s reading here.

    Thanks also to Shaunna Lee Lynch for her sharp timekeeping and well-humoured emceewomanship, and to all on the open-mic, Eamonn Lynskey, Julie Aldridge, Jac Shortland, Charles Clarke, Niall Herriott, Fergus Costello, Seamus Harrington, Patricia Walsh, Gillian Lourenco, Mary O’Connell, Daw Harding, Benjamin Burns, Philip Spillane, Ciarán MacArtain and Eileen Halpin.

    Nuka Gbafah won the five word challenge. Congrats Nuka!

    The open-mic mp3 is here.

    04/27/18; 1:50 pm
  5. 5
    pc Said: @9:52 am 

    Open-mic night – 16th April 2018

    An absolute cracker of an night despite the torrential downpour for Ó Bhéal’s 11th Anniversary event, as over fifty punters arrived to read and hear featured shortlisted competition poets Derek Sellen, Ted O’Regan and Jim Crickard plus twelve other contributors to the anthology. The winner Jill Munro and highly commended Margaret McCarthy tried their best to make it though circumstances proved too prohibitive, so their respective poems were read on the night.

    Our congratulations again to Jill and to all the shortlisted and published poets. The 6th Five Words Competition is already underway and we’re already looking forward to the gems it will bring. You can listen to the contributors to Five Words Vol XI (shortlisted poets first) reading here.

    Eighteen participated in the five word challenge, followed by fifteen contributors to the anthology. Twenty-one poets read at the open-mic for only other poets’ poetry, including Jim Crickard, Philip Spillane, Kayne Coy, Colm Scully, Jac Shortland, Benjamin Burns, Julie Aldridge, Mary O’Connell, Stanley Notte, Bernadette McCarthy, Shaunna Lee Lynch, Patricia Walsh, Megan Cronin, Charles Clarke, Rab Urquhart, Ray Hanrahan, Derek Sellen, Daw Harding, Ted O’Regan and Mags Creedon.

    Jim Crickard won the five word challenge. Congrats Jim!

    The open-mic mp3 is here.

    04/23/18; 9:52 am
  6. 6
    pc Said: @9:10 am 

    Open-mic night – 9th April 2018

    A fantastic reading by the inimitable Brian Turner had saw a very full house of Hayloft punters and poets transfixed from beginning to end. Our very special thanks to Brian for bringing the best of what poetry is about into the house. You can listen to Brian’s reading here.

    Thanks also to Stan Notte for his superb timekeeping and helmsmanship, and to all on the open-mic, John Mee, Phil Nannery, Molly, Jac Shortland, Benjamin Burns, Bernadette McCarthy, Linda Ibbotson, Charles Clarke, Niamh Twomey, Patricia Walsh, Damien O’Shea, Conor McManus, Jenie deBie, Lwisia Daly, Bill O’Riordan, Mags Creedon, Jim Crickard, Philip Spillane, Ciarán MacArtain, Shaunna Lee Lynch, and Bernadette Gallagher.

    Jenny deBie won the five word challenge. Well done Jenny!

    The open-mic mp3 is here.

    04/14/18; 9:10 am

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