Twin Cities Celebration

with poetry from

Jon Morley and Anthony Owen

17 November 2008

Cork’s first Twin City was Coventry, established in 1958. In celebrating the 50th anniversary of this valuable relationship, Ó Bhéal hosted two of Coventry’s more prominent masters of verse, Jonathan Morley and Anthony Owen. The evening was attended by Deputy Lord Mayor Jim Corr, who addressed the audience with an inspired speech, acknowledging the importance of poetry and the long-established link between the two cities.

As Anthony had to reluctantly fly back due to unforeseen circumstances, six of Ó Bhéal’s regular poets, Billy Ramsell, Alan Coakley, Daw Harding, Joe Sweeney, Bríd Buckley and myself each read one of his poems, before Jonathan Morley took to the stage to recite from his forthcoming collection, Backra Man.

Videos of the Evening

Opening Address
Deputy Lord Mayor Jim Corr opens the celebration

Ó Bhéal poets read the verse of Anthony Owen

Billy Ramsell
reads The Copper Man by Anthony Owen

Alan Coakley
reads The Cowardice of Francis Evans by Anthony Owen

Daw Harding
reads Cigarette Starlette by Anthony Owen

Joe Sweeney
reads Porcelain by Anthony Owen

Bríd Buckley
reads Room 17 Ashford Hospital by Anthony Owen

Paul Casey
reads The Watch and the Hiding by Anthony Owen

The poetry of Jonathan Morley

Fabula (trans. from the original of José Craveirinha)

Anthony Owen’s My Father’s Eyes were Blue

Iberian Baroque




From the Spanish Gypsey

Coventry Boys

On First Looking into Cecily Jones’ Ingendering Whiteness

For Lee Miller


Dobesh Snail